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For pool owners in Dallas, pool repair is a fact of life. For most, it’s actually stressful, especially when their pool equipment is performing poorly.

One thing is for sure, in order to keep your pool in great shape, you need to ensure that your pool equipment is performing efficiently. If your equipment starts to malfunction, you’ll want to service them promptly before the problem escalates turning your precious pool into an unusable amenity.

Here at Dallas Clear Choice Pools, we strive to complete any pool repairs in a timely manner, using high-quality tools and equipment. Whenever a client hires us, we carry each and every type of replacement part that is available to us so as to ensure that we keep the downtime of your pool as minimal as possible. And if we don’t have the needed part in stock, we then utilize our distributors from all around Dallas who helps us get the part as quickly as possible.
We offer pool repair services for every equipment in your pool, including pumps, filters as well as heaters.

Our team of highly trained and skilled technicians have decades of experience and knowledge when it comes to pool equipment, and are able to expertly remedy any problem in your pool.

Pool Pump Repair

Basically, a pool pump acts as the workhorse of the pool’s filtration system. It has two main parts; the motor and the pump housing. Our pool repair experts are able to operate and repair all types of pumps used in pools today – which includes the traditional single-speed pumps, variable speed pumps as well as the two-speed pumps. Whichever type of pump is in your pool, you can rest assured that we’ll service, repair and upgrade it in no time. And should your pump be damaged beyond repair, we are also super proficient when it comes to replacement and installation of new pumps.

We understand the importance of a pump in a pool – which is to circulate water all-around your pool distributing necessary chemicals keeping it clear and sparkling. We also know that if the pump motor starts malfunctioning, it will greatly impact your enjoyment in the pool. Moreover, we can also determine if your pool has the right pump, helping you avoid the damage that an improperly-sized pump can cause on other pool equipment and also helping you save on energy. So, whichever pump-related problem you may be having, our pool repair technicians are ready and will attend to it immediately.

Pool Filter Repair

At our company, we believe that filters are super important to the state and functionality of your pool and that it is incumbent upon you – as the pool owner – to ensure that the filters in your pool are operating efficiently. Before making a decision on whether to replace or repair a pool filter, several variables must be considered first, and this includes the fact that there are three types of filters available; sand, cartridge, and diatomaceous earth – where each one requires to be considered separately. So, this means that you will need highly skilled and experienced pool repair experts to work on your pool filters.

At our company, we pride ourselves on having such experts who are more than ready to take on any filter-related problem that our clients have. We usually walk all our customers through the entire process, explaining all their options to them. We always want all our customers to be informed – for them to know exactly what we will be doing on their pools, and how we will carry out the work.

We have decades of experience in repairing and replacing pool filters of different shapes and sizes. So repairing filters comes easy to us. If you have any questions regarding your filters, feel free to call us, we will answer them all, free of charge.

Pool Heater Repair

Let’s face it, if you have a pool, it’s because you want to enjoy it whenever you like, regardless of the temperature or season; so, what happens when it’s super cold outside and you want to use your pool? I mean, the water will be super cold as well, so you will end up not using it, and honestly, I don’t think you are the type of person who will allow the weather outside dictate whether or not you will be swimming, even when you really want to swim. Therefore, in this case, a heating system is exactly what you need in your pool to ensure that you will have a pleasurable and comfortable experience every time you have a swim, even when it’s cold. 
Having said that, the heaters in your swimming requires special care. If these heaters start to malfunction, due to their complexity and technical aspect, only qualified individuals are allowed to repair them. We have such individuals in our company – individuals who have decades of experience in replacing, repairing and maintaining pool heaters. 
Our pool repair experts can repair all types of pool heaters and can also replace outdated and old heaters with newer, technologically advanced and better functioning pool heaters. They have the know-how on how to maintain the same level of enjoyment you expect to get from your pool.

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